What would happen to Quake today? A trip down nostalgia lane

I’m safe to say that every gamer (serious or casual) who is older than, let say 20 years must’ve experienced the joys and fun of playing the original Quake video game. Boy, wasn’t that something for the time, intense game play, gorgeous 3D graphics and all that good stuff. It was special back then since there wasn’t that many games of this caliber and Quake won over a lot of people.  Same people brought you Doom about 3 years before, but this was just something else, faster paced even. Such games today are dime a dozen really. Not all of them are bad, sure, but the rule sort of goes, it doesn’t matter how good they are, as long as they sell well. Hence 10+ Call of Duties and such. But what would happen if Quake from back then would look like modern FPS game today? This video provides a good and sadly realistic example of what’s happening in the game industry.

Video will be best enjoyed by those who can relate to the matter at hand:

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