Problems are something we have to deal with each and every day. Basically it starts when we wake up and until we go to sleep. Many times during the sleep itself too. For example, you wake up and find out that dog did quite a mess in the kitchen during the night. Great, nothing like an early morning mopping. No problem, time for work. *click* Ok, why isn’t the car starting? Arrgh, alright. Taxi it is. At work, you can’t really count boss being a pain a problem, since you know that’s how things work anyway. After work and one overpriced taxi ride later. You make some lunch, lounge a little and soon decide to call it a day. And just as you think your day is finally over and you can get some well deserved sleep, you hit your to against the bed’s leg. OUCH!
These are all minor problems if you put them in the right perspective, but they can still annoy you greatly. Just check out the horrible problems these men have in the following video.


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