Who would you help if they were stuck on the road?

That is what the reporter and the crew of hidden cameras wanted to find out when they set up a car on the side of the road and 3 different individuals whose task is to change a tire. But there’s a problem. Those three people act like they don’t know a first thing about changing a tire and wait for help from the random volunteers that are walking by. The results have turned out somewhat as expected I think. The first guy who was in need of help got his help immediately by an elderly person who was determined to teach him how to change a tire at almost any cost. The second actress was a good looking, blonde, business woman who had the same predicament, except that she had no shortage of help as helping hands kept flocking in and helping her with whatever she asked. The last actor’s role was to play a minority and had the same tire issue as the others before him, but his luck wasn’t so great no more. But there’s a nice, warming twist at the end which you should see for yourself.

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