Why Is Yawning Contagious?

Okay, now honestly guys; how many of you did yawn just by reading the title of this post? I’m sure there were a few of you who did and a bit more who lied and said they didn’t! But do you actually have any idea why you yawned just by reading the title, or for that matter why didn’t you? It may be the case that you are in a too warm of a room, perhaps getting a bit sweaty due to summer-like temperatures. In that case your brain needs to be cooled down a bit and it does so by yawning. It might also be the case that you’re reading this at work, but losing concentration and thus yawning some more to regain a bit of focus to proceed working.
The following video nicely explains all these things about yawning, why people do it, and why different animals do it. It also explains a few misconceptions about yawning. Worth a look!

(How many did yawn during the course of reading this post and watching the video?)

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