Why men and women can’t be friends

That’s a really interesting question to fiddle your mind around, is it not? I mean, why can’t they be friends, it’s not like they either have to hate one another or love each other to the brim of a good taste. Things aren’t all that extreme, but there still remains a topic that is quite debatable. If you give it a bit more thought it makes sense that men usually strive for a relationship with a woman (or more of them.) It’s only natural I would say. A man and a woman can technically be friends but t least one of them is holding themselves back a little. Men aren’t usually friends with women unless they expect something in return. And the other way around works as well. Those things and tensions usually lead to awkward situations.
This following video is a nice proof of that, now I can’t say how legit the statements really are, but is quite interesting to see the reactions on the subject.


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