Whyte & Mackay Whisky video – How to drink whisky and the 22 year old blend

Alright, now I’m going into almost a complete unknown when it comes to my knowledge and expertise. Drinking. Drinking whisky to be more precise. I am not a big alcohol drinking fan, yet alone hard stuff such as whisky. Okay, once or twice a year a glass of home made schnaps during winter, to kill those germs that might potentially cause a stir in the body, but that’s about it. Alcohol is a no no anyway! But now I’m getting off topic I meant to talk about. Proper whisky drinking is apparently not just any simple method. It takes procedure, expertise and sort of a proper mind set to actually enjoy whisky. That sound like a lot of work which many people don’t seem to care about as they tend to down them like they’re the last drops of water they’ll ever consume.
If you wish to know how a proper whisky drinking technique looks like, check the video below!

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