Wicked Lasers LaserSaber Official Video

A little while back, you probably remember a post that was about a guy who buit his own working Star trek phaser. This time around though it’s the time for Star wars fans to get some love. And what would be the best way to get a Star wars fan hyped? A light saber? You’re right, a light saber. Alright, these aren’t exactly called light sabers as there would most likely be some licensing issues. They’re called Laser sabers. And it is a bit more of an appropriate name as they have lasers inside which give them a pretty good looking effect. Not to mention it sounds cool, I mean who doesn’t like lasers?
Below you will find a commercial for those funky gadgets and I can’t really say they make you want to buy the product but I guess I like the idea behind it. The only problem is that even if you do buy these expensive gadgets, you can’t really have much fun with them as they’re supposedly either dangerous or fragile. But hey, you at least have a light saber and can pretend to be a Jedi, no?

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