Windows installation procedures though time

Still staying in the computer themed spirits of this day, lets look at this interesting demonstration of how the installation procedures in Windows OS systems have changed.

It is quite striking to see that not that many things have changed in regard of low level execution stuff and that today’s trends have been set quite some time ago, they just seem to look prettier and more eye friendly than the first versions. Depending on how old you are, you may have been doing the same things shown here yourself though the course of time, but quite honestly I don’t know that many people who have, even the ones old enough. It’s also a good way to show younger population how things looked back then when there were just simple applications such as Write that had the same capability as today’s simple Notepad. But you have to put yourself in their skin, they were able to edit text files, print them, share them. Things that are taken for granted today, have been a pretty big boom back then. Writing this made me realize that printing text on paper was very popular for the time, but now more and more people prefer to keep things in their digital form and not print them out as that makes more hassle.

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