Workout Tape

By now, we’ve established that 80s and 90s have a special place in people’s hearts. Surprisingly with everyone, be it those who lived through them or those who hear things about them. But this is not the topic of this post, not per se at least. It’s just that every time we see a commercial from the 80s or 90s, we get this trip down the memory lane and that warm fuzzy feeling inside. We remember the good moments from that time. Now, that doesn’t mean those commercial we see are good. Mostly they’re really cheesy and sort of unique in comparison to the times we live in now. They looks more real if you want. They want to sell you stuff, but they might be trying to dupe you a little bit less.
Here we have a parody on those commercials. In this case it’s a commercial about a physical trainer who will get you in shape!

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