World’s Best Bartender – Ukraine’s got talent

By the looks of it, there’s no lack in the talent department around the world. Just look at all these talent shows. They’re everywhere in all the corners of the world. And not just one type of talent show, be it random, singing, dancing, what ever you want. Apparently people love watching these things and that’s why they keep happening. “In the search of new best thing and talent!” they say on the show. A lot of it lays in the hands of the judges who decide whether the candidate is good enough for a pass or not. And there are a lot of those that are far from being good enough. Very far away.
But with every batch of bad candidates, there are those who actually know how things go and are able to entertain people without making a fool of themselves. Take this Ukrainian bartender for example. It’s more than obvious he’s pretty good at what he does!


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