World’s fastest pizza cutter!

When you order a pizza to go, you’re usually already in the state of being quite hungry and would like to have that cheesy goodness in your mouth as soon as possible. You pick up the phone, call your favorite nearby pizza place and order your pizza. Sometimes they ask you whether you want them to cut it in slices. That’s a silly question, of course you want to have it sliced up. You’d like to feast on it the moment you get it and not waste time on getting some cutting apparatus such as a knife and slicing that thing yourself. There’s your wellbeing at stake here!
For these guys in the video below, cutting a pizza is not actually a chore but a challenge. Just imagine you have ordered about 30 pizzas to go and you want them all sliced and ready for consuming, and you don’t have time to wait for long. That’s just the job for these guys, they’ll have fun with it, even make it a competition!
See for yourself:

Looks like I already know what I’ll be having for lunch!


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