World’s fastest everything – compilation of records

Ever since man knew about himself, he wanted to be on the top. That feeling of being the best at something really means a lot to so many that a lot of them might also thing they’re better than anyone else in general. But lets not go there. Being competitive is one of those traits that have been passed on through evolution and will most likely never go away. Long time ago, you had to be the best in hunting in order to catch enough food for yourself and people around you. The not so good ones weren’t able to survive if they weren’t good at it. Now that is not as much of an issue since the better ones can also sustain the weaker and so forth, different times completely. Yet the competitive spirit remains and is expressed though so many different categories of competition in so many different things that it’s hard to count them all. Not everyone can be a good sprinter or swimmer, but they still manage to find something they’re better at than someone else. Here’s a compilation of some of the records concerning speed (some are outdated by now.)

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