Yet another Skyrim tribute

Alright, alright, I know I have posted a lot of these videos by now. Skyrim up, Skyrim down. What can I say, it is obvious that Skyrim game has a big fan base as well and I’m not just talking about modding community either. There have been countless tributes in a lot of ways, such as music tributes, other game spin offs and such. And of course you get a lot of people showing off their take on those things. Playing out some different scenarios the way they see fit or they just make their own scenes where they make up characters and do some made up story lines and so forth. With a mass of people you also get a mass of idea so there’s always something in supply.
Granted, some are better than other and by far not all are good by any means. Some however have a good production value and stand out from the mass.


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