Yves ‘Jet Man’ Rossy in the air with the big guys

We’ve covered the daring people in wing suit jumping off high cliffs in the previous post, right? We’ve also gathered that their only mean of propulsion is gravity and they just control their descent and prolong it. Don’t get me wrong, they’re pretty awesome at what they do and look even cooler doing it. Okay, now what if I tell you there’s a way to get beyond that. Well, not a way just anyone can make use of at least. Yves Rossy has a way to fly around at great speeds all by himself. Himself and a pair of wings with jet engines strapped to his back. Yeah, I know, it seems pretty darn cool as it is. Top Gun is pretty cool too, isn’t it? We learned that jet fighters are pretty neat and what could make a cool man with jet powered wings make even cooler? More jet planes of course, so he flies together with a few of them in a formation.
See for yourself:

So which one would you pick, jet engines strapped to your back, or a nifty wind suit?


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