ZUCKERBERG: The Musical! | cdza

There’re been a lot and even more of commotion around Facebook already. Heck, I’ve even posted a few around here already and by the looks of it there will be no lack of those around for a while. Somehow the popularity keeps on striking the roofs on a regular basis. Mostly when they decide to change the layout of the page a bit, then people go all wild and mad, but we’ve already covered that area if I recall correctly. Now I did not expect to come across a Musical type of tribute devoted to the realm of Zuckerberg’s Facebook. Then again, it is hardly a surprise considering that the same phenomenon inspired an actual movie about it.
At first I didn’t really expect much of anything to be honest. Thought it’s going to be some low quality singing from a couple of Facebook enthusiasts, but then I gave it a chance and I was quite pleasantly surprised. Apparently these people have already made a popular video which I wasn’t aware of. Give it a chance yourself and you won’t be let down!


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